Literacy Leadership Services

We provide literacy consulting services for all key stake holders in the school community (principals, teachers, students, parents). Consulting services include:

  • Literacy Leadership Development
  • Literacy Program Development and Implementation
    of "Non-Negotiable" Literacy Practices
  • Long Term On-Site Staff Development and Training
  • Development and Facilitation of Effective Grade Level Teams
  • Implementation Assistance in the Classroom
  • Integration of Literacy Skills and Strategies Across Subject Areas
  • Development and Facilitation of Parent Involvement and
    Parent Education Programs

Literacy Policy Development

The Challenge

In many school districts the absence of strong policies concerning Literacy instruction has resulted in many Literacy materials and purchased programs remaining unorganized and/or underutilized in classrooms.

Additionally, previously provided training in Literacy best practices are not consistently or systemically implemented with high levels of fidelity, and literacy materials and practices have not been consistently monitored by instructional leaders.

Providing consistency, placing an emphasis on instructional best practices the district has introduced over the last several years, combined with proper follow-up and monitoring of high quality programs and materials will be necessary to increase student learning.

Our Response

At Connection Consultants we believe that strong district instructional policies can inform and direct the actions of the school board, staff, students and parents. Additionally, instructional policies that are properly developed and monitored assist all key stakeholders when responding to issues pertaining to teaching and learning, clarifying roles and responsibilities, and participating in evaluation of instructional personnel, programs and activities. Our consultant services include:

  • Formulation and review of literacy instructional policies, regulations and exhibits in collaboration with the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, District Education Committee and other key stake holders.
  • Assistance in facilitating key stakeholders understanding, approval and support of policies; assistance with the implementation and monitoring of literacy instructional policies.
  • Dissemination of research information pertaining to national and state issues in Literacy for the development and monitoring of a District (local) Literacy instructional policy agenda to be presented to Superintendent.
  • Literacy Leadership training for all district level and building administrators with emphasis on developing an understanding of literacy instructional policies while also developing the capacity for leaders to support and monitor instructional policies.
  • Literacy Leadership training and support for Literacy Coaches and Instructional Leadership Team (ILT) members with emphasis on policies pertaining to literacy instruction and materials.

Client Testimonials

L. Andrews,

Retired Assistant Superintendent
for Curriculum and Instruction

"It is with great respect that I offer my recommendation of Connection Consultants and the work of Dr. Karen Walker."
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L. Novak,

Director of Curriculum

"Connection Consultants offer
long term, reliable, research based
information that benefits teachers,
students and administrators."
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V. M. Watkins,

Director of Literacy

"It gives me great pleasure to share
how truly satisfied we have been with Connection Consultants. This company
has provided outstanding and extensive research-based literacy opportunities
for our intermediate classroom teachers."
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C. Willis,

4th Grade Classroom Teacher

"I benefited greatly from the help
that I received in my classroom
from Connection Consultants."
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Senior Consultant

Dr. Karen P. Walker

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